Swaragini – 2nd December 2016 part – 2

About Swaragini:

Sujata cries, while Annapurna consoles her. Ragini comes and informs that they are still here. She says don’t know how they trapped him. Sujata says Durga Prasad did right. Ragini says until Swara stays near me, I can’t take free breathe. Annapurna says when you are not at fault, you shouldn’t be scared. She asks her to go to room. Ragini is angry. Swara thanks Kanha ji for supporting them and asks for his continued support. They pray together, while Ragini looks on. Parineeta asks Ragini to make gobi parthas. Ragini recalls Swara’s words that she will not spare her, Dadi’s words that her grand daughter is sacred like Ganga. Ragini thinks to take everyone on her side, and acts sweetly with Parineeta. She says she will do the work and speaks ill about Swara. Parineeta says let her do what she wanted, but we are all with you. Ragini hugs and traps her in her words.

Swara tells Sanskar that they got the permission to stay here, but how to expose Ragini. Sanskar picks up the fallen eye lashes hair and asks her to make a wish. Swara closes her eyes, makes a wish and blows the eye lashes hair. Sanskar asks what did you wish? Swara says Maa and Baba. Sanskar says I knew it. He asks her to come to Baadi to meet them. They come out of tent. Swara thanks him. Sanskar says this is your 103 thank you. Swara says because of me, you have to step out of home. Sanskar says we are friends and no thanks or no sorry. Swara says do you have rules? Sanskar says it is friendship rules. Swara says okay, no thanks and no sorry.

Dadi comes to Dida’s house and says she wants to meet her grand daughter. Sumi calls her maa. Dadi asks her not to call maa and asks about the papers. She asks will you solve it mutually or will do drama in court. Sumi says she will not divorce Shekhar and says their relation is not weak. She prefers to stay alone rather than divorcing him.

Ragini talks to Dadi and tells her that she have to take everyone on his side with her good nature. Laksh tells Ragini that he can’t forget Swara and still loves her. Ragini tells him to stop her when he is ready to forget Swara and give her wifey rights.