Swaragini – 2nd December 2016 HD Permanent part – 1

About Swaragini:

Laksh sprinkles water on Ragini and wakes her up. Ragini pretends to wake up and eyes Swara. Shekhar asks Sumi not to act and says your daughter has crossed all the limits today. She has tried to take my daughter’s life. Sumi asks what you are saying? He says ask Swara, why she is taking revenge? Did she act to be good? Sumi shouts Shekhar. Shekhar says one day I said father less girls are like this only. Sumi says I proved you wrong that time. Shekhar says I was always right. Did you know what she has done to Ragini. She tried to kill my Ragini, she tied her hands and legs, and left her in car to give her death. Everyone is shocked. He asks why she want to take her life? What did Ragini do with her. He says did Ragini tied her hands and locked herself. Sumi says I will not say anything as you will not believe me.

Ragini acts and gets up, tells Laksh that she is fine. She goes to Swara and asks why you have done this? First you called me to your room and apologized to me saying you will leave from my life, made me believe that you will reveal your fake marriage to everyone, and then will leave the house leaving Laksh. She says today you tried to kill me? Swara asks her to stop it? She says you tried to kill me on my marriage day. Everyone is shocked. A flashback is shown. Swara tells everything, how Ragini tried to kill her. She says I don’t want to tell your truth to anyone, but you didn’t leave an option for me.