Naagin – 18th March 2017 HD Permanent part – 1

About Naagin:

Watch Naagin 3rd June 2016 Episode Part 1
Naagin traces the life journey of two children Anandi and Jagdish, married in childhood. How their lives are affected by the consequences of child marriage and later they both divorce and remarry Shiv Anandi, Jagdish Ganga. The show is set in rural Rajasthan emphasizing the practice of child marriage appears Anandi (Avika Gor), a young girl married to Jagdish (Avinash Mukherjee), the only grand-son of Kalyani Devi (Surekha Sikri) also Dadisa and Maasa.

Kalyani is a widow with a high regard for rituals and superstitions. She has two son, Bhairav (Anup Soni) and Vasant (Satyajit Sharma). Bhairav and his wife, Sumitra (Smita Bansal), have two children, Jagdish and his sister Suguna (Vibha Anand). Watch Naagin 3rd June 2016 Episode. Vasant is a widower without children. Gehna (Neha Martha) is the second wife of Vasant. Vasant Gehna marries a much younger girl who rebels against her mother-in-law. After much resistance, Kalyani Devi threatens to throw Gehna out of the house. It later emerged that Gehna is pregnant with Vasant child. Change all the emotions, and a supply agreement with Gehna children. Vasant and Gehna later presented to develop feelings for each other and Vasant defends his wife in front of his mother when needed.

When Suguna prepares to leave the house of her husband, her husband dies in the hands of bandits. Dan arrives Badi Jiji (Farida Jalal), who is wanted for the happiness and joy back into the household. She left after a tiff with her sister, Kalyani Devi. Watch Naagin 3rd June 2016 Episode. Shyam (Dharam Veer fame) is introduced as a new character. It is an educated city boy who comes to the village. He does not believe in age-old traditions in the village. He plays a prank on Suguna and she scolds him and tells him that she is a widow.

Jagdish Shyam saves lives and they become friends. It is also revealed that Suguna is pregnant (her late husband) Pratap child that shocked everyone. Dadisa try the baby, but in vain to break down. Then revealed that Shyam loves Suguna and asks her family for her hand in marriage, knowing full well his situation.

Later Shayam wife Suguna. Shyam’s parents initially had allowed the marriage, but when they make account Suguna is pregnant, they oppose it and ask not to marry Suguna. Shyam Shyam opposes and marries Suguna anyway. Shyam’s parents disown him and he starts to live with the parents of the Suguna home. Watch Naagin 3rd June 2016. Shyam feels very happy to know that Suguna ensures a night because Suguna goes to the terrace to Shyam when it rains a lot and make the scene ends with romantic results.

Suguna also beginning to develop a taste for Shyam.
A new character Mahavir Singh (Rajendra Gupta) is introduced. It is revealed the brother of Kalyani Devi are, and had misbehaved with her. After the death of her husband, then they weigh immediately separated with a lot of friction. Naagin 3rd June 2016 Episode Mahavir Singh still harbors enmity against Kalyani Devi and seeks revenge. It is ready to use all means and takes to disrupt the lives of the villagers in the village of Kalyani, in an attempt to gain control over the entire village.