Kawach – 13th November 2016 HD Permanent part – 4

About Kawach:

Watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th November 2016 Episode Part 1
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein follows the story of Raman Bhalla (Karan Patel) and Ishita Iyer (Divyanka Tripathi) which are connected by their common love of the daughter of Raman Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan). Ishita is a Tamilian while Raman is a Punjabi. Ishita, who are unable to have children, sharing a very close relationship with the mother Ruhi, while filling the void in a child’s own. It was rejected by many wedding rings because it is sterile.

She is friendly, warm and caring, while Raman is bitter and difficult from the time of his divorce. During the hearing on the custody of his daughter, he married Ishita so he could get custody. Watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2015 Episode. Raman gets his daughter Ruhi custodian. Raman also has a 11 year old son, Aditya (Gautam Ahuja), whose mind poisoned against Raman by his ex-wife Shagun Arora (Anita Hassanandani) recently committed to Raman business rival and former boss, Ashok Khanna (Sangram Singh).

Court awarded custody to Aditya Shagun. The marriage of Raman and Ishita is just a contract because of Ruhi. But Raman and Ishita starts quickly fell in love, but she did not know. After the cousin sister of many dramatic events Ishita Mihika (Mihika Verma) and best friend Mihir Raman Arora (Raj Singh Arora) which can be considered a young brother confirmed marriage. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2015 Episode. But then the family Mihika Mihir request of his family. He says he has a sister who left for his happiness and mother, with whom no contact for years. He said the family of Raman as his family. Mihir Mihika and the judge decides the marriage with the blessing of families do, but could not as objects subjected his sister to it. Ishita want to know about family and Mihir is when she learns to cook Punjabi dishes in the cooking class Purnima. Purnima always request of his family and especially Ruhi.

She befriends a girl named Sanjana (Arshima Thapar), but feels something wrong in his behavior: she leaves to see Raman Bhalla or a family member. It confronts Sanjana about it and she says she is the sister of Mihir and Raman broken their relationship and said she had an affair with Raman in the past and it broke. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2015. Ishita is jealous and angry hearing this and soon realize they are in love with him. After a series of misunderstandings Mihir broke with the truth that Shagun is his sister and mother Purnima and hate is because they have made life hell Raman. Raman and Ishita asked him to forgive and to marry her as Ashok Shagun causes throughout his life is worried and frustrated.

Ishita feeling gets stronger when she sees the good deeds of Raman, but is reluctant to admit it. Even Raman feel a little love for her. Whereas it has been found that is not interested in Ashok Shagun and now wants to stop the wedding. His eyes are now focused on Mihika and tries to get closer to her. Meanwhile, an old friend of Ishita, Mani, called her and she was very happy. She went to dinner with him and started dating him for Raman very jealous. Raman simultaneously lost a contract with a prominent businessman, Abhimanyu Raghav (Sumeet Sachdev) due to Ashok. Watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2015 Episode. It quickly became apparent that Abhimanyu is none other than Mani Raman and Ishita did not know. Raman search for “Mani” in all possible ways. Abhimanyu’s love note Raman and Ishita for each other and discover they do not know too much. Now he wants to bring them together, to make them confess love and ahead in married life.

When we Mani and Ishita resolve the issue Sarika and Romi, Raman Ishita suspected of having an affair with Mani. Watch Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2015 Episode. This creates a lot of misunderstanding between them and hate Raman Ishita grows. Later, in a function of Raman price Ishita offense when she is very angry and Mani tries to comfort her. The Bhalla and Iyer is now temporarily in a service apartment that the house burned.