Ishqbaaz – 28th March 2017 part – 2

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Watch Ishqbaaz 28th March 2017 Episode Part 2
Ishqbaaz is an intense love story of two lovers in Patna, Bihar, which are intended to ever come together. Purvi is a well trained and highly moralistic two IAS officers of the person. Arjun and daughter is everything she despises – boorish, uneducated, sexist and son of Baccha Singh, a political goon. The show explores love Purvi and Arjun studying in the same university history.
The show brings Purvi and Arjun together somewhere where they fall in love in order separated by luck later. Ram and Priya hide the fact Pihu they stay in the same hotel and official travel. Watch Ishqbaaz 28th March 2017 Episode. When Pihu goes to meet Ram in his room, Ram asks Priya hide that Pihu not see it. Priya mandatory. Ram and Priya Pihu seen in the cafeteria and annoys.

Dhruv’s friend Ankita try to make a difference between Dhruv and Saanchi bridge. It comes dhruv home with their mutual friends. She suggests they play truth and dare Thurs Dhruv asked his friends to recognize the love of his wife because they were blindfolded. Watch Ishqbaaz 28th March 2017 Episode. Dhruv identifies its Saanchi among all the girls. Ankita is irritated. It provides Saanchi insults. It is interesting to track happens in Desh Ki Beti Nandini.

Last week, Nandini comes to know Gayatri Devi behind the attacks on Rajveer. Nandini could not believe that Gayatri Devi who pretends to protect her son against attacks is actually the real culprit. Watch Ishqbaaz 28th March 2017 Episode. Nandini decides to save her husband Rajveer evil plans of Gayatri Devi. On the other hand, Rajveer is completely ignorant of the truth of her mother and agrees to tell him blindly. He plans to confess his love Nandini.

Ram and Priya recently went on an official trip to Delhi. They think to settle their differences, but end up fighting. They do their best to deal with each other and behave like a teenager. Watch Ishqbaaz 28th March 2017 Episode. Their arguments dose soft laugh. Best friend Vikram Ram does not know the reason behind the behavior change Ram. He gets curious to know about him. He is coming off an office employee RAM Ram who engaged. Vikram know that Priya is the employee of Ram.

Vikram believes that Ram is having an affair in his office and shares his doubts with Priya. As indicated in the track, Ram and Priya separated for three months because Pihu. Their daughter Pihu like Sammy, who was in a relationship with Suhani. Watch Ishqbaaz 28th March 2017 Episode. When Suhani (doctor Priya) learns about feelings Pihu for Sammy, they plan to sacrifice his love for Priya and falls in the eyes of Sammy. Suhani Sammy said she likes Khush and not him.

Sammy gets broken heart. Sammy and Pihu became engaged and equally Suhani discovers her pregnancy. When Priya called to tell him about the father of the child, Suhani new Sammy’s father breaks her unborn baby. Priya tells Ram and supports Suhani she can not marry their daughter Pihu with Sammy. Watch Ishqbaaz 28th March 2017 Episode. Ram and Priya fight. Sammy told them that the baby is his but not Khush. Pihu request Ram to choose between her and Priya. Priya Kapoor Mansion decision to leave for the good of Pihu.