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Qubool Hai 24th October 2014 Written Update

Seher is strained to hear the commentary on his ahil not sanam, but is relieved when he adds that it is actually an angel who brings happiness to everyone, and chamnged the meaning of his life.

Qubool Hai 21st October 2014 Written Update

Ahil trying to get closer to Seher, while difficult. He is about to kiss as she walks on his shoe, and he pulled her wincing in pain, and then she pretended to be nervous and therefore act so.

Qubool Hai 20th October 2014 Written Update

Seher angry reproaches against tanveer, and nice to see a trailer of what it is yet to show. Seher said tanveer they wont hesitate one second to kill.

Qubool Hai 17th October 2014 Written Update

Dilshad is warned by Razia nothing to her courage and how she raises up Seher Seher, and now the game has changed, and it does the job, and it does not even her sister, she replaces.

Qubool Hai 16th October 2014 Written Update

Finally change much discussion Tanveer learn to taste his own medicine. Aahil to sign the papers … Sanam not but think that they sign khalu and informs that Tanveer Sanam signed the papers.

Qubool Hai 15th October 2014 Written Update

Tanveer Sanam said she knows the mystery behind the death of the father of Ahil and is in fact the killer, and she only got ahil to believe that he actually killed his father and caught him.

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