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Bandhan 23rd October 2014 Written Update

Shantaram’s house is on fire. They all rush to pinky but fainted on the door. They cry all pinky out. Pinky come here, but she fainted.

Bandhan 21st October 2014 Written Update

The body temperature rises Darpan. Tara called and said Mahesh Darpan is not good. please come Soom. He can not hear. Ganesh is to look for them in the rain.

Bandhan 20th October 2014 Written Update

Master told Mahesh that wild elephant came to my school and my students fear. If we do not stop, he would have destroyed. Each student is my responsibility.

Bandhan 17th October 2014 Written Update

Darpan said you broke your promise and come o my school. you were the blue tent elephant. Why did you lie to me? I’m really bugged I forgive you.

Bandhan 16th October 2014 Written Update

Ganesh has done Darpan crossed. He goes to a number of camps. He goes to the inside and starts to run. it is hidden under her.

Bandhan 15th October 2014 Written Update

Prabha said where is your bottle and lunch box. Darpan said I forgot it in class, I will do tomorrow. I slipped into the ground and tear shirt.

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